2012 in Photos & Here’s to the New Year!

2012 will be remembered as the year Matt & I bought a new camera.  And never put it down.

Baby ArtichokesMinnesota

Gargano DonkeyVesuvioPraianoGrand MaraisGrand MaraisRainbow

GardenWeeping WillowMatt CanoeingSnowy TreesCorn Stalks in DecemberFarm in SnowJasmine

Somehow all of that resulted in this…

Strawberries & PlumsThanks for coming along and I wish you a very happy, healthy, and delicious new year!



  1. Pam says

    Wow, Sarah! What an accomplishment! I am so proud of you! Keep those recipes (and gorgeous photos) coming! Happy New Year!
    Love, Mom

  2. laura(from temperance mi) says

    Hi Sarah, I enjoy reading your site and I’m going to try some of the recipes soon. The onion soup sounds delicious and I’m going to try making my own stock- it has less salt and I love onion soup but its always too salty. You are so talented not only the cooking but your photos too! Laura

    • says

      Thanks, Laura! Making your own stock is definitely the way to go with the onion soup. Yes, it’s a little more work, but when the stock plays such a major role in the end product it’s nice to be able to control what’s in it.

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