Strawberryplum Celebrates + Top 10 Lessons Learned in my 1st Month of Blogging

Thanks for stopping by to help celebrate strawberryplum’s 1 month anniversary!  I know a month is not long in the world of food blogging but in just a month I’ve learned an awful lot and I am anxious to continue sharing my cooking adventures and recipes.  That’s worthy of a little celebration, wouldn’t you say?

Here’s a run-down of the top 10 most valuable lessons I’ve learned while blogging.

+ How to upload pictures without breaking the computer (Sorry, sweetie, I swear those days are behind us)

+ How to spell carAmelize (So tempting to leave out that second a)

+ What on earth a widget is (They’re these handy little apps you download to help organize the blog and hopefully make it easier for you to navigate)

+ That you really shouldn’t try to take pictures of food if you don’t have much time (Sorry again, sweetheart.  Have I told you how nice you look today?)

+ Blogging about cooking and eating takes waaaaaay more time than the actual cooking and eating

+ “Just Enough” is not a real measurement and people will never bother with my recipes if I continuously call for pinches, bits, glugs, and splashes

+ How to turn certain phrases into links to lead readers around my blog and beyond

+ Writing can be really fun when you aren’t doing it for a professor or boss

+ Writing can be really difficult sometimes (Like when you’re a career server and haven’t written more than a casual email in the five years since you’ve been out of school…)

+ Family, friends, and Internet acquaintances are more encouraging and supportive than I ever thought possible (Thanks for the comments- I love reading them and knowing you’re out there!)

That’s enough to celebrate.  I’ll grab the bubbly.  Thanks for being here, for your advice, your encouragement.  Here’s to 1 month and to many more.  See you soon!



  1. Pam says

    Congratulations on your first month, Sarah! We look forward to many more great recipes! How about one for cioppino??? Love the latest pictures and top 10 list (and OF COURSE your family is supportive!!!)

    Love, M

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