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Rush River Produce

I find my inspiration in wide skies.  Open water, blowing grasses.  Going to restaurants and packing picnics.  Reading books, flipping through magazines.  Hitting the farmer’s market or, sometimes, even the grocery store.

Editing css while crossing my fingers and praying my blog doesn’t explode is far less inspiring.  Exhilarating maybe, inspiring no.

Do you want to know the truth about writing a blog?  The truth is, it’s a lot of work.  And unless you know an awful lot about building websites, it’s a lot of work that exists within the framework of someone else’s work.

Which, I’ve learned, can change at a moment’s notice.

You might notice some changes around here in upcoming days/weeks.  I’m going to try my hardest to update StrawberryPlum and keep the food coming your way…

…without tearing every last hair from my head.



  1. I Mary Beth Lorenzen says

    I hope you do continue. I just love reading your stories and seeing your place settings. It is a gift you have in presentation of yourself and your talents.

    • says

      You’re too sweet! Thanks for the encouragement, Mary Beth. I’m not throwing in the towel yet, just airing a few frustrations.

  2. says

    hey girlie – two things – have you heard of Stylizer? http://www.skybound.ca
    it saved my sanity with css. it comes with a 30 trial. You edit everything visually then copy and paste the css back to wordpress. Just backup your original into a text file.

    Hang in there, it’s looking good. If anyone to how hard this is it’s me!

    • says

      You are AMAZING! I’m checking it out this weekend as soon as I can bear to be chained to my computer for hours (again). Thanks for sharing!

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