Strawberry Almond Crumb Coffee Cake

Strawberry Almond Crumb CoffeecakeWeekends are so much more enjoyable when you start them with something amazing for breakfast. You suddenly have a reason to linger over the paper, make a second pot of coffee, and delay your trip to the hardware store.  What more could you ask for?

This weekend it’s an ultra-moist strawberry coffee cake smothered in a ridiculously good, I-want-to-pick-it-all-off-and-eat-it-right-now almond crumb topping.  It goes together quickly and depending on how many people you choose to share it with, it might be around long enough to perk up your back-to-reality Monday morning breakfast.

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Spring Vegetable Soup with Poached Eggs

Spring Vegetable SoupAfter single-handedly consuming almost a whole batch of potato, leek & artichoke soup last week, I thought I had soup out of my system for a while.  That was, until yesterday at breakfast.  As I flipped through the latest issue of bon appétit, I kept landing on the same few pages–a gorgeous spread of recipes featuring fresh spring produce and daydream-inducing photos of lush green farmland.

Of all the recipes in the article, it was the simple bowl of spring egg drop soup that really caught my eye. It looked so lovely, charmingly green and everything spring has to offer spooned into one bowl.  Seems I hadn’t quite had my fill of soup after all.

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